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Why do things go wrong?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hi There! This month I am back to chat about our next Blossom Core Philosophy topic: If you have an inborn healer, why do things go wrong? The Causes of Interference to the healing power of the Innate Intelligence.


Last month we explored the incredible healing power of the body that is guided by our inborn innate intelligence. This month we look at what causes interference to that intelligence’s full thriving expression in our life and body. In other words, what causes us to disconnect from the source of healing intelligence within us?

This theme is at once extremely simple, and a matrix of complexity. Let’s start with the simple. The founder of chiropractic named “3 T’s” as the causes of interference to the healing power of innate intelligence inside of the body. These are traumas, toxins, and thoughts. In more modern language, that is physical, chemical, and mental/emotional/spiritual stressors. We also look at a “stressor” as that which asks us to adapt to something big, or something new, integrate it or let it go, and then grow as an individual as a result. In essence: we digest or eliminate life as needed in order to become more resilient by design. We do this while expressing who we are in life. The idea being, we each have a unique being here to express itself, and as we meet life and life meets us, we both grow as a result.

In Blossom language, this means we are either in a process of blossoming, or, we are in a contracted state withholding the natural fruition of our innate whole and harmonic expression.

When all goes well, we meet the stressors of life and as a result, we grow and flourish. Often however, we don’t “digest” the dynamic stressors of our life. On a physical level, accidents happen that push our bodies to the limit of adaptation and we are injured, or, we have to much repetitive movement in life happening that is not adapted to through physical exercise or counter-exercise, or, we have lack of exercise in general and so lose the tone our bodies should have for optimal flow.

On a chemical level, we either are trying to adapt to an increasing level of toxic chemicals both in our food and our environment that the body needs to filter or the body stores, or we suffer from a lack of proper food and nutrients which also causes the body to to get bogged down, blocking optimal flow of healing.

Finally we have the category of mental/emotional/spiritual stressors. This field is gigantic and one I have spent the last 20 years exploring through Concept Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, seminars with IONS and the Greater Good Institute, as well as studies of the work of Dr. Herbert Benson, The Heartmath Institute, and now The Tamalpa Institute. To be very broad, life happens, it shocks us in some way, and this shock of mental/emotional indigestion causes a stored pattern of tension inside of us that then prevents us from expressing our full innate healing capacity. In other words, instead of going through a healing process that leads to fuller blossoming, we contract.

When I made the film Love Bomb I really began to dive into this exploration of traumatic causes of blockage to the expression of our healing power as disconnections.

When we are fully connected on all levels- physical, emotional, and spiritually we seem to be in the most flowing state to produce healing in the body, the place from which innate intelligence is flowing at maximum vibration to create health. Not only that, but, there seems to be metaphysical evidence to show that there are even “higher and higher” levels of the expression of consciousness expressing itself through the matter of our bodies depending on how connected we are at the deepest sense to who we are. To bring it back to our analogy, when we are planted in the deep and powerful nourishment of our life, we Blossom beyond what we even think currently possible. That’s not to say we hit a life of constant peak experiences, but rather, we find deeper and deeper roots in the nature of life itself, and we Blossom, in a mutual relationship of meeting life by being with it as it is, and healing inside of it to create more and more nourishing ground and sky through which to express ourselves.

In the film this boiled down to the healing that happens from opening up to the connection of love vs. the disconnection of fear. We looked at how human love actually opens us to a chemistry of well being and physiological ease (Last month I shared the description that Bruce Lipton gives of this in our video excerpt. Here it is again since it’s applicable in another layer here!).

It is pretty incredible to me to look at the intelligent design of our bodies and societies- we thrive physically and as a human family when we are embodying unity, love, and harmony. When we see ourselves as an interconnected web, we make different choices that are for the benefit of the whole. There is even relatively new evidence showing how one of the greatest factors of mortality is loneliness.

Now comes an interesting dilemma! We are by design trying to go for love and feeling an integral part of the tribe, which leads us to want to avoid not being loved and not fitting in at all cost! So what happens then if our deepest innate voice has ideas that go counter to society? Now we have another cause of disconnection creating a health risk: the repression of the expression of the self. I find that the growing challenge to voice challenging opinions is explored beautifully in the book “Braving The Wilderness” by Brene Brown, as she looks at the growing polarity of our cultures via social media, where we are becoming more and more surrounded only by those who agree with us, creating a great challenge when it comes to the expression of uniqueness and the diversity of dialogue and ideas that creates social healing and inner healing.

So, we need to be loved, and to belong, and to express our true selves, if we want the innate intelligence of our bodies to be in optimal expression as health in the body. This requires a lot of emotional intelligence, and, I might suggest, some long fasting from social media interaction so as to right oneself to real relationship to self and others.

The good news from a chiropractic viewpoint is that all of this complex of disconnection, desire to be loved, and desire to fit in while expressing one’s true self all write a kind of tension story that can be felt as stored patterns inside of the body. We have a way to find these patterns, connect to them, and release them, thereby allowing the person and body to begin integrating that which was “too much” at the time of exposure. Through this process of release, a person can then get connected to their innate intelligence once again, allowing for growth and transformation to take place. We’ll cover that more next month!

There is other profound news written in the story of “disconnect to connect” or “choosing love over fear.” The moment we begin to bring ourselves into the state of love, or connection, the potential to Blossom re-occurs within. Our body’s physiology literally starts to shift out of fight or flight and into it’s more ideal physiology. It goes from deep contraction into expansion. Inside of the tone of this expansion the Innate Intelligence is then more free to express it’s healing power, and we begin to heal from the inside out. If we are able to continue with this healing view, we can begin to do the process of healing inside of life as it is, while noticing the multitude of areas we can start taking action to improve.

Our bodies essentially form a matrix of connective tissue, connective emotion, connection to life. That means when we introduce positive change, this change can touch and affect freedom in multiple areas. In other words, we don’t have to think about every single aspect of our exposure to the “Three T’s” in order to affect a release of the innate intelligence for healing. Last month we spoke about the Innate Intelligence, and truly, this intelligence is greater than the sum of parts that we can possibly think of, in fact, sometimes, the less we “think through” a problem, the more we can go into a place of allowing the intelligence to do its job without the interference of our over-thought worry-driven problem solving!

The inner dance is to begin to know oneself enough to know where to think it through, and then when to let it go and trust. We will dive more into that when we spend a month focused on the importance of developing honest self-awareness on the healing path.

This month let’s focus on how to look at generally optimizing the exposure of the three T’s, while in the next few months we will look at how chiropractors view interference and what we do about it from a treatment method. I will also explore in brief how other systems might also be “rocks to turn over” in terms of finding these stuck core causes of blockage of the innate intelligence and thus, core healing.

How do we apply this knowledge of “Causes of Interference” in our Office:

The way that this information takes root in our office begins when we first connect to a client. We look at the client’s past, present, and desired future through the lense of the “three T’s” in order to see if we can identify any of the biggest potential sources of continued disconnect. This process continues as we work with our clients over time.

At the chiropractic table we focus on the service at hand, which is the assistance of our clients to integrate their lives and then release the collective contractions of un-integrated life experience stored as patterns of tension and biomechanical areas of less than optimal function in the spine and other joints of the body. We give space for the body to open back up to a place where it can receive the nutrients of its life, digest them, and use them to blossom.

We help our clients to support this opening and healing through tailored lifestyle recommendations geared to provide greater nutrients to the body’s cells. We also notice when it appears that healing is hitting a plateau, so that we can refer to partnering practitioners as needed to help our clients continue in their unique healing and wellness quests.



Exploring potential chemical toxic exposures:

What goes on your skin:

What goes in your body: FMTV is a great resource of documentaries about food awareness and avoiding toxic exposure via your food. We recommend gaining broad information and then tailoring your program specific to you based on a consultation with a nutritionist, functional medicine doctor, or naturopath.


Braving The Wilderness, Brene Brown

Love Bomb The Movie (

The Greater Good Institute (

HeartMath Institute (

There are so many more depending on your unique needs! We are happy to tailor unique recommendations for our clients.

Physical: There are far too many resources to try to list this here! We’re happy to do individual consults for clients to find the resource for you.


Print out the Blossom Worksheet to get a visual map of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go in terms of your relationship to the “Three T’s.”

Positive healing and habits for long standing change take root day by day and produce results over a series of years. Choose one area to start, the one that makes the most sense to you right now. We are here to support you!

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