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Joint Health and Mobility Rehabilitation


Working with Dr. Austin

Every session is tailored to meet the goals of the client.  We pull from the options of  Chiropractic Care, Functional Range Systems, and Foundation Training for joint rehabilitation in order to create a holistic approach that addresses the causes of joint discomfort and mobility issues, promoting optimal healing and function. 

The first session begins with a detailed assessment of the patient's posture, joint health, and movement patterns. This initial evaluation is crucial for customizing the treatment plan to the individual's needs.

Following sessions build on our initial plan and include in session work with Functional Range Conditioning and/or Foundation Training with exercises prescribed for you to train on in between sessions.

This comprehensive approach not only aims to rehabilitate joints, but also educates the patient on maintaining their joint health and preventing future issues, offering a pathway to long-term wellness and improved physical performance.

The Methods

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Session Rates

First Visit Evaluation (FRA)
and Treatment
(1 Hour) $195

Single Treatment & Training Session
(30 min)$85

1 Hour Personal Treatment & FT/FRC Training Session $170

Dr. Austin's Certifications

-Certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist FRCms

-Certified Functional Range Assessment Specialist FRA

-Certified Functional Release Spine Provider FR Spine

-Certified Functional Release Upper Limb Provider FR Upper Limb

-Certified Level 1 Foundation Training Instructor

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