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Innate Poetry

In the spirit of this month's focus on "Innate Intelligence" as the healer within, I bring you a poem:

Innate Poetry

by Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

Like a deep well.

I move into the pace, the rhythm, of innate.

It is a process of slowing.

Slowing so deeply that I can hear the pace of creation.

That I can feel the depth of a symphony.

Humming deeply within.

The deeper I go, the more space I see.

Through organs, pulses, cells.

To the ornate dance of energy.

Impulses of light.

Deeper still.


A reflection of the stars.

The closer I get, the more vast it becomes.

My inner world,

An expansion.

An indwelling there

Is it friend or foe?

Do I love you there?

Or do I fear you?

Do you mean me harm?

And from within this slowness I hear a pulsing.

It is my own heartbeat.

A rhythm.

It beckons me to its richness.

It beckons me

Into flow.





Until I can hear.

And we meet.

I hold my own hand.

My innate rhythm soothes to this touch.

Like a child.



Our breathe synchronizes.



Cells breathe.

Our heartbeat regulates.




Fresh blood.

Fresh oxygen.


And a healing relationship emerges.

Peace within.

Innate direction unfolding.

Thank you

Like a whisper

Sprouts forth.

This is love.

This is coherence.

This is inborn.

Inside of this body of flesh.

The pulse of life.

Waits to take our hand.

It moves so fast that you have to slow.

The racing of the mind.

To get in sync.

Eternity within.

At your service.


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