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The Nourishing Power of Rhythm in Daily Life with Cynthia Aldinger

I recently got to sit in Zoom conversation with Cynthia Aldinger of Lifeways North America. I met her as a student of the Lifeways classes offered online to parents. I was intrigued to speak with her given the incredible overlap I found inside of her work, and an aspect of Polyvagal Theory.

Rhythm is a strong principle inside of Waldorf education, the education which informs Lifeways. It describes how rhythm is a strong and predictable natural influence inside of what nurtures us as human beings in connection to a living natural world. It also shares how we can implement rhythm as a way to look at "schedule" in our lives.

Inside of Polyvagal Theory we look at rhythm as something which can be a predictability that feels very nourishing to our nervous systems, especially as tonifier to life circumstances that feel very far out of our predictability.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, which centered for me on finding and locating greater breathe inside of our life and the life of our schedules. It's also a great primer on laying in "predictable" rhythm into our days, starting with the very simple basics of sleep, rest, and food.

You can listen here:

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