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Befriend Your Nervous System

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hi There. We are having a collective moment. Lots of moments.

In this short video I give a brief overview of the "Polyvagal Theory." This theory is a wonderful way to come to understand your nervous system and how you can work with it right now to find yourself with more capacity to digest the moments.

In short, the home base we want to live inside of in our bodies is called "Safe and Social." This is when we are picking up messages in our environment that tell us that indeed, we are safe. In addition, people around us help us to feel this sense of safety through a process called co-regulation.

Well, right now it's tricky to establish this, but you can intentionally do some things that will help:

Find a rhythm in your home, this rhythm will give your body something that it can count on.

Intentionally place some signs of nature in it's current Spring Rhythm inside of your home if you are able to. Nature right now is moving right along, on schedule, signaling a rhythm we can count on now, and that we have been able to count on in the past.

Put up some signs in your house with positive messages telling you that you are resilient, and that you can find some joy in the unknown.

Be loving to yourself, and check out the practice I have posted that will allow you to simply be with yourself in a very calm and tender way. Your nervous system and entire body will thank you.

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