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Desert Dances

Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by. I am here to share my most recent video posted to my Youtube Account.

What you are witnessing in this video is a glimpse into my somatic movement practice. This is also a natural window into some of the somatic movement resources I offer for my clients.

I will be doing some videos explaining more particulars about somatic movement in general, as it’s a huge umbrella term for many different types of practices.

What I am hoping to do by offering you some glimpses into my creative movement, drawing, and writing world is two fold. For one, I am feeling moved to play with sharing some more of my own creative expression with you!

The summer before 9/11 I was still living in New York pursuing my dream of professional modern dance. I had decided I wanted to get into making dance videos, an emerging medium. I bought a video camera, one of the first Titanium Apple laptops, and some video editing software. I had no clue what I was doing. I spent the summer engaged in trying to figure that out. Then flash forward 9/11 and I was so shocked out of my body that it took years for me to dance again.

At the end of my Tamalpa Year 1 training this winter we were asked to create a “Performance Ritual” as part of our completion, and, the healing idea returned for me that it was time to make that dance video I set out to do some 20 plus years ago. It was going to be simple, imperfect, and okay. I plan to share the performance ritual with you as well, but needless to say, it was a wonderful experience for me that woke me to the challenge and inspiration to keep on going.

Most of these will be filmed as a duet with Nature, as moving with Nature has also been an ongoing resource for me as they offer their own metaphors and wisdom when I get close enough and often slow enough to listen. My family is a family of campers, and so, they will be getting used to also being a tripod for me at times :). I love showing my son that momma is having a creative life too.

The other reason I want to share these videos with you is to attempt to offer you some windows into what in the world I am offering with polyvagal theory meets somatic movement.

In my client sessions these days I have crafted a pathway to help people who have never moved their bodies in creative or “somatic” ways. We begin with a nine month flow where I am helping them to slowly but surely identify a closer and friendlier relationship to the inner experience.

As we move through this flow we are building the skills towards doing more in depth movement explorations that also move between drawing and creative writing. A process Daria Halprin coined as psychokinetic. This movement between expressive mediums helps to uncover a new way of seeing or feeling about our challenge than if we just tried to organize it with our thoughts.

In this video and others I intend to craft along similar lines, you are seeing me expressing some of the movements, writings, and drawings that have emerged as I move through scores that I have developed for clients who have completed the first 9 months of my work and are cycling through again using more layers of exploratory movement, drawing, and writing. We use the education and practices of the first layer which includes Continuum inspired micromovements, Polyvagal inspired movement mapping, and a developed ability to move between nervous system states. We then use these skills to engage deeper in the next exploratory layers. You may see me expressing a wide range of movement ability, as I do have a professional dance background, however, the explorations and scores I use are meant to be adaptable to someone with very limited movement ability, injury, illness, etc. Sometimes you may see me move small as I adapt to my own pain limitations.

I am also intentionally showing you my, well, low skill expressive arts abilities! Another important principle I have gleaned from studying with Daria Halprin is the concept of “low skill, high sensitivity.” As we explore the avenues of movement, drawing, and creative writing for our own life resourcing, we are hoping to develop high sensitivity to what we are sensing and expressing, even though we may very well have low traditional skill at these things. I love this, and want to share it, because you know what? We all deserve to have an alive creative life!

If you find yourself interested to engage more as I release more videos, please do subscribe to my channel. I will also be sending them out to people on my email list here. I plan to share a mix of these types of expressive arts dances, as well as more educational ones to help you to understand more about polyvagal theory and somatic movement.

If you are curious about working with me directly, you can see more about my program and get in touch at my website here:

Thank you for taking time to connect with me today.


Dr. Rhea Komarek, DC, RSME

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