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Welcome to Blossom,

Where the Art of Life and Healing Happens.  

Are you ready to feel better?

Call or Text: 707-257-1011
Located at 
305 Post Street
Napa, CA 94559

We love being a part of your health care team.

At Blossom we are a united
family practice with two very
unique practitioners.
About Us

Once you decide to begin care with us you will schedule your new patient experience, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours. This starts with one on one connection time with your Doctor.  During this time we review your health history and current health concerns.  We want to know what your hopes and goals are and how your current life experience is relating to the big picture of what is going on.  This time allows us to connect to you as a whole person.


We will do a Complete Chiropractic analysis including Computed Infrared Paraspinal Thermography and Precision Digital X-Ray Imaging to determine the precise way in which the spinal stuckness is affecting the function of the nervous system.


Once we know what the problem is and precisely how to begin correcting it, you will receive your first adjustment and a tailored plan of care for you.


We will not sell you on any more care than you need.  In fact, we offer a maximum of 16 visits purchased at any time.  We build our relationship with you through the results we create in your life.  If we aren't creating these results, then we help you find the practitioner who can.

The Practitioners

Dr.Austin Sessions
First Visit Evaluation (FRA)
and Treatment
(1 Hour) $195

Single Treatment & Training Session
(30 min)$85

1Hour Personal Treatment & FT/FRC Training Session $170



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Dr. Austin Komarek, D.C. 

Current office hours:

Monday and Wednesday 8am-6pm,

Tuesday and Friday 8am-12

Skillsets and Patient Care Focus:

-Using a creative style of care that seamlessly blends hands-on treatment with movement training.

-Manual treatment focused on healing and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic joint related problems.

-Co-Management of post surgical orthopedic joint cases. 

-Teaching patients Foundation Training to create long term whole-body changes. 

Foundation Training

-Teaching patients how to Use Functional Range Conditioning to create long term tissue changes.

Functional Range Conditioning

-Teaching patients how to design a Morning Routine of practices specific to their movement needs. 

-Helping patients find and build an integrative team of local skilled practitioners to assist in their healing if needed.


What does my ideal day looks like?


It looks like working with a variety of patient issues, conditions, and goals primarily musculoskeletal related. Each patient gets 30-60 minutes of my undivided time; in that time, I employ classic chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy and movement training which each patient. Each session is tailored for their needs. Needs are assessed routinely. I enjoy utilizing a fairly wide variety of treatment options for each person, employing the most effective and efficient means possible for each case (based on biological tissue findings). 


What tools are in my tool box:

I've spent the better part of the decade learning how to give a very precise chiropractic adjustment and to know when to do so. My manual therapy tool box continues to grow daily as each case shows me new ways to work with the human body. Below are the systems I utilize heavily in my practice. 

-Certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist FRCms

-Certified Functional Range Assessment Specialist FRA

-Certified Functional Release Spine Provider FR Spine

-Certified Level 1 Foundation Training Instructor

What I am excited to keep learning:

I'm deeply devoted to and interested in my work. My clinical interests exist at the intersection of orthopedic function and neurology. Where brain meets tissue, that's where the magic is for me. I'm quite interested in furthering my learning in both areas of study. I love to learn from other practitioners of different skillsets for example: fellow manual therapists, doctors, trainers and scientists etc.


I love anatomy. With the introduction of some really excellent anatomy software called Complete Anatomy 21 (check it out), I find myself looking deeper and deeper into the connective tissues matrixes for my answers to clinical challenges. Deeply understanding the human anatomy is a skillset I find essential to my work. 


Outside of my work I ride bikes, mostly road bikes. Napa Valley is a great canvas to explore endurance athletics on a bike as we have some of the steepest climbs to test ourselves on. I spend a lot of time with my family camping in our teardrop trailer. Meeting and engaging with other active people of the Napa Valley is a continual goal of mine.  

Dr. Rhea Komarek, D.C., RSME

Current office hours:

Wednesdays 9:30 am-Noon 

Thursdays 9am-4:30 pm

I am a Chiropractor with a focus on applied Polyvagal Theory for building Somatic Awareness and Somatic Movement Education.  I currently help walk clients through a process of befriending the nervous system through a combination of polyvagal theory education and somatic movement that layers as we go month by month.  These act as assistance for clients to befriend the experience they are having inside of their bodies.  They also learn new skills and recognize current skills that assist their unique nervous systems in regulation.  This supports movement towards a rhythmic experience of wholeness as they move with the expansions and contractions of their life material.


I hold a B.A. in Dance from the University of Washington with special interest in improvisation, dance therapy, and Laban Movement.  I am also a certified yoga teacher 200 hours from Om Yoga Studio in New York.  My somatic movement work is influenced through hours in the studio with Anna Halprin, Tamalpa courses and retreats, as well as Continuum training both private and group.  My work has emerged through a combination of experiential study, professional experience, and development of curriculums.  It continues to emerge in the relational space between me, the people that I work with, and mentors.


Who I am the most specialized to help:



People moving through periods of overwhelm, loss, chronic pain or illness, disease diagnosis & treatment (including the healing and integration that takes place after going through acute medical treatments), dysregulation, or other somatic symptoms arising from current or accrued life stressors. Parents or partners wishing to gain an understanding of their own nervous systems, so as to better befriend the nervous system of the home, partners, and children. Those persons wishing to develop new texture in their relationship to their embodied experience.


I do this through a felt sense educational process over 9 primary one hour sessions spread out once a month.  The Befriending of the nervous system process allows an individual to come to understand why they feel the way they do in response to life's "triggers and glimmers."  It is also a polyvagal informed way to organize healing resources including lifestyle modification.  This combination of care helps to increase the body’s resilience and adaptive qualities.  It helps someone to feel "at home in the body".  This in turn increases the individual's capacity to be fluidly present within and for oneself, others, and life itself.  

What does a great day at the office look like for you?


I am finding that as I slow down to yield to my own biorhythm, I am also enjoying slowing down inside of my client care rhythm.  I am feeling a lot of inspiration as well from following an impulse to focus a lot of my professional development on tools that I can teach to clients so that they become more deeply empowered inside of their day to day lives.


I love seeing a blossoming of the inner experience in my clients come alive as inherently valuable.  A friendly relationship with self and the body can become restored as we learn why our biological survival responses respond to life the way that they do.  

It is a deep joy to witness clients discovering the wisdom and communication that comes from connecting to life material through the  medium of movement.  Most clients have never done anything "somatic" or "dance" before and the lights that come on as they discover the felt sense of aha inside of a movement inquiry is a privilege to participate in.


What are the specific “tools in your toolbox”:

The framework of my client care is based on the Befriending of the Nervous System as shaped by Deb Dana.  This becomes the foundation for the somatic education I provide for clients.  Clients then learn how their own autonomic nervous system is responding to life and how to befriend and offer it resources unique to them. Somatic movement  becomes a part of how I help a client gain a deeper felt sense and inner or "interoceptive" relationship.  These somatic movements become resources for helping the nervous system to gain a greater sense of fluidity, or, dynamic regulation.


My trainings and influences are listed below by category.  

Chiropractic Training:

I am no longer accepting new chiropractic clients, however, a decade and a half of working hands on with the spine and focusing on nervous system tone informs my somatic movement work.  

Zone Healing Chiropractic, 13 years of experience.  I apply adjusting the patterns of the specific zones either tonally, with rocking of the areas of the spine associated in order to have a healing “conversation” with the nervous system, or through the more classic style of higher velocity adjusting where the “sound” is heard.  I prefer to use the least amount of force needed to assist the body towards greater fluidity and to help teach the body how to access it's own integration off of the table.

Bio Geometric Integration, 12 years of experience with my own approach to this chiropractic philosophy and practice.  This creates an in-depth way in which I can feel and help to release patterns of held tensions and traumas throughout the system, in a way that is the most gentle and respectful of the person and tissues at hand.

Polyvagal Informed light touch of areas of the head and neck associated with cranial nerves and the vagal nerve that make up the "polyvagal" neurological system.

Activator and Drop Table

Webster Certified for Prenatal Care with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Somatic Movement Training:

Ongoing Individual Mentoring with Amber Gray, PHD, MPH, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC, Summer 2021-Present

Tamalpa Level 2 Training Class September 2023-October 2024


Tamalpa Level 1 Training Graduate April 2022-Spring 2023

B.A. in Dance from University of Washington with focus on Dance Therapy and Improvisation​​

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, trained at Om Yoga in NYC in 2001.  

Countless hours in studios in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, Boston, and Burlington with Haitian, Cuban, West African, and Modern Dance instructors and choreographers across numerous dance and dance theater specializations.

Conference Participant:  Engaging Embodiment; Somatic Applications for Health, Education, & Social Justice, Feb-Dec 2021 through ISMETA

Continuum Student & Personal Daily Practice Fall 2019 to Present (Teachers I have experienced include Beth Riley, Marcella Bottero, Marilyn Montgomery, Amber Grey, and Bonnie Gintis)

Hannah Somatics Personal Daily Practice learned from senior teacher Phil Shenk also informs my somatic awareness.

Retreats and ongoing participation with Tamalpa Institute and the work of Anna Halprin (2010-Present) with Anna Halprin, Rosario Summartino and Daria Halprin.

Polyvagal Theory Training:

Ongoing Individual Mentoring with Amber Gray, PHD, MPH, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC, Summer 2021-Present

Polyvagal Institute Summit Oct. 2022

The Rhythm of Regulation formal Training Level 1 with Deb Dana and Trainers.  Offered through the Polyvagal Institute.  April -Aug 2021

Safe and Sound Protocol Certified for In Person and Virtual Delivery (SSP) (Not currently delivering SSP)

Professional Training with Jeff Rockwell​​, DC, DOMP 2020

Personal Development courses (Ground in the Swirl) with Amber Gray 2020

Books:  Polyvagal Theory for Safety and Connection, The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy, Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory, Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve, Polyvagal Theory and the Developing Child

Mind/Body Training:

Training in Relaxation Response instruction as researched by Dr. Herbert Benson

Ad Hart Facilitator, for teaching the Hart Math method of establishing coherence

Self-Compassion technique as taught by Dr. Kristin Neff

Conferences with The Greater Good Institute on Gratitude and Awe

Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference with a full day of study with Rupert Sheldrake

Former Concept Therapy instructor.  Through deep participation with this work I have found ways to help clients both through the use of “mind/body” awareness for one’s benefit, as well as a deep understanding of the potential pit-falls of using “mind/body” techniques and metaphysical approaches that begin to actually dysregulate the nervous system through denial of one’s whole experience.  Deep understanding of the pitfalls of focusing only on "the good" while ignoring the body's need to be listened to when signaling "the bad", aka spiritual bypassing.

Currently an “Insight Timer” meditation instructor with free guided visualizations available.

Professional Development Through Experience:


Documentary Filmmaking of the film “Love Bomb” (2015)

Development of the “My Love Bomb Program” (2015-2018)

Leading and developing women’s “You Matter” groups throughout the U.S. (2016-2018)

Professional Cycling Team Chiropractor for Bontrager Livestrong, 2012 & 2013 seasons

Volunteer Chiropractor for Pathway Home Program, 2011 -2013

International Chiropractic Service work in El Salvador, India, and Peru

Being a Parent, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Human in the ever unfolding process of life.

What am I excited to keep learning?

I am deeply engaged in the laboratory of learning through mentorships with others, courses, and personal development inquiry through direct experience both within my own daily practice, and with the ever emergent work of collaborating in the care of others.​​​

Streams of inquiry, along with applied Polyvagal Theory and Embodiment include learning/unlearning of systemic racism and other social and environmental issues as they intersect with our lives, our bodies, and our health.  

My son is perhaps my greatest teacher, along with Mother Nature, with whom we spend an enormous amount of time.

Sessions with Dr. Rhea

Dr. Rhea spends one hour per session with clients as they make their way through the Befriending the Nervous System program that she has correlated.  For more information, please see this page with the full program description.

Getting Started
With Care


Once you decide to begin care with us you will schedule with the practitioner of your choice. 


Each practitioner's method of beginning a client's care is unique.  Please connect with us directly if you would like to learn more specifics on what to expect, and to see if it's the fit you are looking for.


We both believe in a client-centric approach to our work.  We build our relationship with you through the results we create in your life visit by visit.  No huge sales packages.  One session at a time.


 Many clients enjoy the combined results from working with both Dr. Austin and Dr. Rhea.

We absolutely adore getting on mission to help our clients.

Connect with us Today

We love to ensure that we are the right fit.  When you are ready to inquire about care, text or call and let us know your name, number, and that you will be a new client and we will schedule a consultation with the practitione of your choice.  


You can reach us easily by phone or text message at 707-257-1011.

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