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At Blossom we specialize in chiropractic care designed to unveil the freedom from within by increasing the functional movement of the body and nervous system.  This innate freedom allows for the healing power of the body to go to work repairing cells, restoring physical health, and assisting you to integrate your life experiences. It also liberates the healing power of the mind and emotions to regain the resilience needed to move forward in life.  

Serving clients through physical healing at all stages of life as well as pregnancy and pediatric care.

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We love being a part of your health care team.


The office environment is delightful, the staff-amazing and the work they do is life changing.  I have been in pain for over 20 years with an auto-immune disease.  Today, I have been pain free for the first time.  This shows me the potential my mind and body have and I can't wait to go back!

Jessica H.

Blossom changed my life:  physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Stressful life events had taken their toll and eventually, I was in enough physical pain to do something about it.  I could  not be more pleased with the care I receive at Blossom.  I feel better than I have in years.  Doctors Austin and Rhea genuinely care about people and that empathy and support puts Blossom in a league of its own.  Napa is fortunate to have this level of chiropractic care.

Both Rhea and Austin work magic.  The care I receive at Blossom is beyond what I ever imagined chiropractic to be.  The reasons are simple.  First they absolutely know what they're doing.  Second, their approach comes from the heart, which immediately makes you feel at ease.  Last, the openness and warmth I feel just after an adjustment translates into most of my week thereafter.  I sleep better, I have more energy, and I stand up taller.  The entire office is top notch.  They get it and genuinely love what they do.  It shows.

Elizabeth S.

Daralyn C.

At Blossom we are a united
family practice with two very
unique Chiropractors.

Once you decide to begin care with us you will schedule your new patient experience, which lasts approximately 1.5 hours. This starts with one on one connection time with your Doctor.  During this time we review your health history and current health concerns.  We want to know what your hopes and goals are and how your current life experience is relating to the big picture of what is going on.  This time allows us to connect to you as a whole person.


We will do a Complete Chiropractic analysis including Computed Infrared Paraspinal Thermography and Precision Digital X-Ray Imaging to determine the precise way in which the spinal stuckness is affecting the function of the nervous system.


Once we know what the problem is and precisely how to begin correcting it, you will receive your first adjustment and a tailored plan of care for you.


We will not sell you on any more care than you need.  In fact, we offer a maximum of 16 visits purchased at any time.  We build our relationship with you through the results we create in your life.  If we aren't creating these results, then we help you find the practitioner who can.

The Chiropractors

Dr. Austin Komarek 


What I am specialized to help people with:

-Healing and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic joint problems

-Gaining strength and spinal stability with purposeful training

-Teaching patients how to regain joint movements and maintain new ranges of movement over time. 

-Helping individuals take better control over their musculoskeletal health. 


What does my ideal day looks like?


In office my ideal day looks like working with a variety of issues and conditions. With the uniqueness of each patient, it never gets dull and each case has unique needs to address. I most enjoy when I can use an appropriate combination fo manual therapy, classic chiropractic adjustments and movement training to help a patient. I like to be able to both help people function better with my hands on work and also through our training efforts. In other words, I enjoy utilizing a fairly wide variety of treatment options for each person, employing the most effective and efficient means possible for each case. On a typical day I will treat about 20 patients and the normal patient time spent one on one with me is minimum of 20 minutes. 


What tools are in my tool box:

I've spent the better part of the decade learning how to give a very precise chiropractic adjustment and to know when to do so. My manual therapy tool box continues to grow. Most commonly I use compression therapy for common joint issues in the arms and legs. Many times I use end range isometric exercises to help a patient expand and strengthen their ranges of movements. I use soft tissue tools like the Theragun to assist in soft tissue changes. I train my patients physically using Foundation Training, which helps to both get them out of pain and keep them pain free long term. 


What am I excited to keep learning:

My interest clinically exists at the intersection of orthopedic function and neurology. I'm quite interested in furthering my learning in both areas of study. Academically I am considering further post graduate degrees in either Masters of Clinical Neuroscience or Doctor of Physical Therapy. Im undecided which route I may peruse, but both fascinate my interest enough to want to go back to grad school!



Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

What I am the most specialized to help people with:


People coming out of highly stressed or stuck states due to life’s traumatic events. 


I would say the bulk of my clients are women in their 30’s to 60’s who have some kind of physical challenges due to a combination of physical, emotional, and chemical traumas or intense stressors. 


Some of these women have presentations of autoimmune type disorders or have just noticed a sluggishness in their bodies normal adaptive qualities, presenting with an array of symptoms from physical pain, to headaches, to anxiety patterns, to neuropathies, to preparing for or recovering from surgical or western medical interventions where they are looking to regain a sense of trust in their bodies and themselves as they face new chapters in their lives. 


I also have a strong niche in working with women through pregnancy and postnatal care, along with taking care of their babies and growing children.


Pregnant women often seek my care for support with low back pain or because they want to optimize the chances of the baby’s position for natural birth.


Often the babies are brought in early due to latching issues or traumatic births.


I see toddlers through the colds of early childhood to try to prevent ear infections or assist in the mechanics of helping them to heal up.  


What does a great day at the office look like for you?


 A great day for me at the office is helping a few babies, a toddler or two, and their mommas.  Mixed in there would be a few women or men who are working through some intense times in their lives where I get to hear the magic sound of a deep sigh of relief.  It’s topped off by those seeking routine “wellness care” where I get to be a part of their lives through the many twists and turns of life, both the highs, the lows, and the in betweens of being human.  I see around 8 people a morning and spend around 20 minutes with each person.


What are the specific “tools in your toolbox”:


Understanding of my role inside of the greater wisdom of “somatic” bodywork and therapies.  I take the view that the body is a reflection of a whole person engaged in a dynamic response to life.


I have direct experience in Hannah Somatics, Continuum Movement, and Tamalpa Movement Arts Expression.  I bring elements of wisdom from these studies and experience of what it means to be embodied into the chiropractic session.  


I have a B.A. in Dance from the University of Washington where I focused on dance healing, the foundation for what has become a vast study in “Somatic Healing” modalities.

I have an Integrative approach to doing my work in collaboration with other professionals whether it be western, eastern, or a variety of alternative modalities that fit the person and whatever healing challenge or goals they are facing at the time.


Zone Healing Chiropractic, 12 years of experience.  I apply adjusting the patterns of the specific zones either tonally, with rocking of the areas of the spine associated in order to have a healing “conversation” with the nervous system, or through the more classic style of higher velocity adjusting where the “sound” is heard.


Bio Geometric Integration, 12 years of experience with my own approach to this chiropractic philosophy and practice.  This creates an in depth way in which I can feel and help to release patterns of heald tensions and traumas throughout the system, in a way that is the most gentle and respectful of the person and tissues at hand.


Former Concept Therapy Instructor


Yoga Teacher, trained at Om Yoga in NYC in 2000.  This, along with a 20 year practice, may inform some of my care and familiarity from the inside out of working with those who practice a variety of forms of yoga.  


Polyvagal Informed Soft Touch and Tonal Hands On techniques as well as exercises for at-home practice.  These assist the body to find a more regulated state of being instead of “up-regulated” or “down-regulated.”  These tend to be lighter touch applications for those who have been through traumas or intense acute stress.


Activator and Drop Table


Webster Certified for Prenatal Care with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


Training in Relaxation Response instruction as researched by Dr. Herbert Benson


Ad Hart Facilitator, for teaching the Hart Math method of establishing coherence


Self-Compassion technique as taught by Dr. Kristin Neff

What am I excited to keep learning?

I am deeply engaged in learning about Polyvagal Theory as it relates to both hands on care for clients, and things I can teach clients to do at home and in their lives.  My mission is to really expand the depth of work I can do for others, especially in the lighter touch techniques.  I am also studying Continuum Movement right now and adore it on a personal level, and the ways I can help use it to teach clients.  If it adds to my toolbox on "how to live embodied" then I am interested in learning it.

The New Patient



Once you decide to begin care with us you will schedule your new patient experience with the chiropractor of your choice. This lasts approximately 1 hour and starts with one on one connection time with your chiropractor.  During this time we review your health history and current health concerns.  We talk in depth about your health and life healing goals.  This time allows us to connect to you as a whole person and begin to formulate a plan for your healing.


We will then do a chiropractic analysis based on our individual technique expertise.


Once we have fully connected to your individual health and life history and formulated an idea of how it relates to our chiropractic systems, you will receive your first adjustment.  Following the adjustment is a client favorite, resting in our relaxation room in zero-gravity chairs for a deeply calming time of allowing the innate healing power of the body to go to work.  Depending on the chiropractor, you will also learn activities you can begin doing at home to augment your care.


We finish by providing a tailored plan of care for you. We are conservative in our approach to recommending care in that we want to make sure we are making a positive impact in your goals each step of the way.  We build our relationship with you through the results we create in your life.  If we aren't creating these results, then we help you find the practitioner who can.  

I went to one chiropractor who wanted me to come three times a week, at a tune of about $4500 for three months.  I quickly realized that the doctor was not for me.  Then I found Dr. Rhea. I finally feel like I have found a doctor who really takes my whole person into account when she decides on a course of action. Within the first few visits, my back aches had subsided, and my overall well being had improved.  For the first time in months I feel like I can truly enjoy life.  I'm able to run again, do yoga, and have even started doing Pilates.  Other chiropractors want you to commit to their predetermined health approach without much thought about the individual.  Dr. Rhea is all about what works for you. 

I love that I get to rest in the relaxation room after the adjustments.  I feel like my body gets to enjoy the aligned feeling of the adjustment and it's my personal quiet time to get some calm and quiet in before I'm back at it with my day.  I am so glad that I found Dr. Austin and Blossom.  It's my go-to for self care that fits into my crazy schedule.

Lauren C.

Tina B.

We absolutely adore getting on mission to help our clients achieve the results they are looking for.

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We love to ensure that we are the right fit.  When you are ready to inquire about care, text or call and let us know your name, number, and that you will be a new client and we will schedule a consultation with the chiropractor of your choice.  


You can reach us easily by phone or text message at 707-257-1011.

Speak directly to Dr. Austin or Dr. Rhea to see if we are a good fit to help you on your healing, pregnancy, or family wellness journey.
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