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Befriending the Nervous System

using Applied Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Movement
w/Dr. Rhea Komarek, D.C., RSME

For those seeking skills, context, and creative
exploration in moving with life's dynamic material.

Befriending is learning to tune in and toward autonomic state and story with curiosity and self-compassion." -Deb Dana

Polyvagal Theory points to the primary nervous system states of the body. We have two survival states, and several states expressing safety and social engagement.


As we befriend ourselves, we come to work with these states in a constructive way. We learn practical ways of identifying and listening to them, while nurturing ourselves. In doing so, we connect more deeply with self and others.

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The Foundational Series:
Nine Private Sessions over Nine Months

Session One is 90 minutes, the following sessions are 60 minutes.  Sessions are offered in person or online.  Some clients choose to meet more frequently than once a month, or enjoy spending multiple sessions on one module before moving on.  Some enjoy spending time deepening somatic movement practices in person in between Polyvagal learning sessions.   We meet your needs and life as it arises in an emergent way.

Learning Together

Each session provides a theoretical foundation of aspects of the polyvagal theory. We follow an innate trajectory of layers of learning based on Deb Dana's Foundations of Polyvagal Theory. These learning layers provide a soothing context to understand why we are feeling the way we are feeling in relation to our lived experience.  

Engaging at Home

Each month you will be invited to engage in activities that build self-awareness in this new polyvagal worldview. There are guided somatic movement videos for each month, as well as suggested weekly activities that assist in the process.

Cumulative Growth

We move through many layers of learning including:

  • Identifying the states in one's experience

  • Identifying resources that help anchor us in states of safety

  • Noticing triggers that bring on survival states

  • Moving between survival and safety as a neurological exercise

  • Engaging in a social engagement plan for noticing one's relational spaces

  • Increasing one's interoceptive (inner awareness) access through somatic movement explorations

Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement enhances human function and body-mind integration through mindful and restorative movement."-ISMETA


In our time together, we will engage in several somatic movement approaches that support the befriending of the nervous system process. These are aimed at restoring vagal tone for an increased sense of safety in the body, as well as for listening to and integrating the nervous system states as defined by the polyvagal theory.


We start small with movement explorations. Most clients have no prior somatic movement experience. Once the foundation series is complete, some clients choose to continue meeting for somatic movement explorations that support them in moving with whatever is arising in their lives.

The Sessions

Schedule your free 20 minute exploratory session w/Dr. Rhea to explore this path for you.

Need to explore another time not shown? 
Text the office at 707-257-1011 or email to connect.
Session 1 is 90 minutes and is $195, Following Sessions are 1 hour and are $170.


What Others Are Saying

For the first time in over a decade since identifying my own seasonal depression episodes I can actually listen to my nervous system. I don't say this lightly, but this program taught me how to listen, and changed my life!" -Layla S, LMFT


"Working with Dr. Rhea and learning about polyvagal theory has allowed me to better manage my anxiety symptoms. I can now better maneuver those symptoms, and day-to-day the tools Dr. Rhea has provided me help me and my body better navigate life's ups and downs. Dr. Rhea is patient and kind, she provides an environment that is both safe and nurturing and I am grateful for her guidance." -Meg R., EMT-P

"Working with Rhea has opened my eyes to the incredible mind/body connection. It’s been unbelievably helpful to learn how to move and breathe through all the different stresses of life. Rhea is so nurturing and kind-hearted and each session is tailored to you. Highly recommend!"-Lindsey P.

Schedule your free 20 minute exploratory session to see if this Foundational Series is right for you:  

Need to explore another time not shown?  Call or text the office at 707-257-1011
or email to connect.


The first 90 minute session is $195, sessions thereafter are $170/1 hour session.  The entire series is purchased one session at a time so that clients always retain the agency to continue or pause at their own pace.  Our rate is subject to change, so please text or call to ensure that this is our current pricing.  

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