• Dr. Rhea Komarek

A Polyvagal Informed Workshop For Building Your Menu of Regulation Resources: Part 1

Updated: May 7, 2020

I was recently inspired by an exercise that Deb Dana walked us through in a wonderful full video she created on Polyvagal Theory and the Covid-19 shelter in place experience.

In this video she shares how we can create a map of the three ways that we think about ourselves in relation to the world in order to understand where we might be dwelling in our nervous system. She also shares about how important it is to create a "menu" of resources you know you can use to help yourself come back to a peaceful center when you feel yourself heading into the more disconnected states.

In this 2 part mini-workshop video series, I have created worksheets to walk you through in order to turn these recommendations into step by step how to's.

Part 1 walks you through some basics of why we are doing this, what the "states" are, and a guided internal experience to write them down for yourself. I recommend either having the pdf guide printed out prior, or a sheet of paper and pen ready to map them out as we go.


In this video I also mention the work of Dr. Amber Elizabeth Grey, and her workshop "Ground In The Swirl." Depending on when you see this, it may or may not be available, but you can still see her incredible work here.

Are you ready for Part 2? Head over here.

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