• Dr. Rhea Komarek

A Polyvagal Informed Workshop For Building Your Menu of Regulation Resources: Part 2

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Now that you have created your list of three "I am" in the relation to "The World Is" menus from Part 1 you are ready to move on to part 2 here.

You will want to have this sheet printed out and ready, along with a pad of paper and pens to work on the brainstorming you will be guided to do.

You might notice that in the video I refer to slightly different categories than are now listed in the printable guide. What can I say, I tend to start at one spot and then continue adding and refining as I go! It will still give you a great place to begin.

Please note that all of this is meant to help you in starting from wherever you are in placing things in place that will help you. I encourage a loving and spacious tone with yourself, where one step at a time is just right. This isn't about perfecting anything, it's more about building a relationship of listening with yourself and your life, and this is a forever "in process" relationship as you and your life are constantly in a state of emerging with what is.

I have slowly learned, it's not about perfecting anything, nor conquering anything. It's about dancing and moving in fluidity with life, while gathering up tools that assist you in your life as it is now.

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